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2023 Artwork

After being forced to cancel the 2023 edition due to a lack of funding and then raising £16,500 in under 2 days through a supporter set up GoFundMe, the People's Paint Festival as it was branded this year ended up doing their tallest and longest murals and had more artists than ever before! We also managed to reinstate having artists from abroad for the first time since Covid.


Supporters donated from as far afield as Australia, USA, Austria and from all over the UK but particular thanks go to Alex Jaskowski and his family of Kowski Apparel who generously donated £10,000 to ensure the festival went ahead. 

A late edition to the festival this year was the Town Centre East Car Park. Although we had planned to paint the two outside walls, permission was granted for us to paint the whole inside! This enabled us to have so many artists we couldn't fit all the works on one page! A rainy afternoon Sunday afternnoon saw many artists retire to the multi-storey to do extra pieces.


Headline Walls

hb (17).jpg

Honeybourne Line


Big walls


Skate Parks and Pubs


North Place Car Park


Town Centre East Car Park

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